Simple 5 Step Weaponar Process

STEP 1 – Browse  and Choose Your Weaponar

STEP 2 – Select and Purchase Weaponar Seat

STEP 3 – Receive Email and Text for Webinar

STEP 4 – Watch live Weaponar and Drawing!

STEP 5 – Win The Promotion & Buy Item for $1

Do I have to watch the Weaponar to win?

No, but we do recommend it! They are great to watch and we may even give a sneak prevue of upcoming Weaponars…

How much time between seats selling out and the weaponar go live?

Weaponars will release the same day as the seats sell out as long as they sell out before 6pm. If not they will be released the next day.

How old do I have to be?

Current age requirements for firearms are 18 years old for long guns and 21 years old for handguns.

If the Weaponar is a bundle pack or single item that does not include a firearms then we can ship those out regardless of age but we still recommend parent or legal guardian be told of the purchase. 

I bought a gun! Do I have to transfer it to an FFL?

All firearms must be received through an FFL.

Where can I recommend something I would like to see featured in a future Weaponar?

Sent us an email!    [email protected]


Live Weaponar Link